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Fandoms: K-On, Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Ookiku Furikabutte
Summary/preview: Stories run from 1100-3100 words.
Content notes: Content notes will be provided for each story behind the cut.

Not An Addict (Maybe That's A Lie) by Kyuuketsukirui K-On, Akiyama Mio/Tainaka Ritsu (1,153 words)
There is something deeply, deeply satisfying about teasing Mio. Of course getting a rise out of anyone is fun, but there's something about Mio, like she was just made for teasing.
'Soft dubcon' in the sense that it is a relationship where there seems to be lots of teasing.
Other notes: Really sweet and sensual.

Pounds Of Promises by Telesilla Stargate Atlantis, Teyla Emmagen/Rodney McKay (1,598 words)
Rodney makes a rather rash promise.
No standard notes apply.
Other notes: I find myself really loving the relationships I've found portrayed between Teyla and Rodney. I think I need to check this show out.

Patience Is Its Own Reward by clio_jlh Harry Potter, Parvati Patil/Pansy Parkinson (1,958 words)
Parvati gets to the "finish line" pretty easily, and if she gets antsy just takes care of herself along the way. Pansy wonders if this doesn't mean she devalues things just a bit, and decides to teach her a lesson about patience.
No standard notes apply.
Other notes: I really love how this story portrays an easily-stimulated woman: "She really didn't think she should be punished for her ability to get herself off at the drop of a hat. It should be seen as a skill, even a blessing, thank you very much." Also, female cross-dressing and packing? YUM!

Trouble In Your Time Of Need by paperwar Ookiku Furikabutte, Hanai Azusa/Tajima Yuuichirou (3,114 words)
Hanai discovers he likes not giving Tajima what he wants as much as Tajima likes not getting it.
No standard notes apply.
Other notes: I like how it starts out with Tajima getting pushy (to the point where I almost want to tag it as dub-con, if only for a second), and then Hanai is able to not only make him stop, but to get him under his complete control.
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