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Fandoms: Due South, Teen Wolf (TV), Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, Electric Light Orchestra RPS, X-Men (movies), Beowulf (2007 movie), X-Men: First Class, Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Summary: Ten stories about begging, all under a thousand words apiece.
Content notes: Notes will be provided for each story beyond the cut.

Bite by akamine_chan Due South, Ray Kowalski/Mike Sweeney
Mike leans over and sets his teeth to the back of Ray's neck and bites roughly; Ray is sure he's leaving behind an imprint of his teeth.
No standard notes apply.

Riding Crops Are Fun by Wolfheart Teen Wolf (TV), Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall
He dug his teeth into his bottom lip for a minute before hoarsely forcing out, “Harder."
No standard notes apply.

Requesting The Pleasure by tzigane Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy/Severus Snape
He wanted him to beg. How intriguing, and yet how mundane.
One character is under the age of 18. No other standard notes apply.

Tell Me Again by SegaBarrett Doctor Who, Amy Pond/Rory Williams
Rory tells Amy what she needs to hear.
No standard notes apply.

Growing Strong And Free Of Fury by Poose Game Of Thrones, Renly Baratheon/Loras Tyrell
"Loras," Renly nearly sobbed, his cock buried to the hilt. "Please move, please."
No standard notes apply.

Quicksand by Sashataakheru Electric Light Orchestra RPS, Jeff Lynne/Hugh McDowell
Scared of exposure, Jeff decides playing master and slave during a recording stint in Germany is not the best idea in the world. Deprived of his collar and the strict command of the only man he's willing to obey without question, Hugh sets out to remind him exactly why he needs him. Set mid-1975.
No standard notes apply.

(Feeling So) Vulnerable by Epiphanyx7 X-Men (movies), Logan (Wolverine)/Remy LeBeau
Remy arches up, desperate, mouth falling open as he pants into Logan's mouth. "Please," He whispers, far too used to begging at this point. "Please, Logan --"
No standard notes apply.

A Hero's Lies by Savageseraph Beowulf (2007 movie), Beowulf/Grendal's Mother
By the time his sword rose again, hard and keen between his legs, he was begging.
Non-con. No other standard notes apply.

Sacred Trust by Not_You X-Men: First Class, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Erik is taking this seriously.
No standard notes apply.

Roped In by thingswithwings Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Holmes hasn't heard Watson stutter at him like this since they first took rooms together, back when he was the kind of middle-class English gentleman who would be shocked by indoor target practice, or recreational drug use, or finding his housemate dressed as a barmaid, or –
No standard notes apply.


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