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Fandoms: X-men: First Class, Mulan, Merlin, Girls Like Me (Summertime) by Coyote Grace (song), Thor (Marvel), Nana, Avengers (movie), Iron Man (movie), Marvel Universe Pride & Prejudice, .hack//G.U., The Masqueraders -- Georgette Heyer, Tommy Ratcliffe (musician), Glam Rock RPF
Summary/preview: Ten stories about gender play/roles, each 1,200 words or less.
Content notes: Notes will be provided for each story behind the cut.

Stretching by Cesare X-Men: First Class, Mystique/Angel Salvadore (508 words)
Summary/preview: "I haven't seen that many in real life," says Raven, defensive.
Content notes: No standard notes apply
Other notes: I like how Angel directs Raven's hand to her wings for a demonstration of something that is so soft and delicate feeling on a tactile level, with lots of strength and substance underneath it to demonstrate..well, you can read the story and find out. :)

Husband and Wife by afterandalasia Mulan, Fa Mulan/Li Shang (569 words)
Summary/preview: Now, the clothes of a man sometimes felt better; sometimes, those of a woman did; most often, she prefers her neutral hanfu and lets people draw their own conclusions on how to address her.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Believe This Is Real by Sophinisba Merlin, Freya/Merlin (684 words)
Summary/preview: The first time they met, Freya was calling herself a lesbian and Merlin was calling himself a dyke.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.
Other notes: SO MANY FEELS!!!

Boys Like Her by melannen Girls Like Me (Summertime) by Coyote Grace (song), F/F unnamed chars (700 words)
Summary/preview: But when they ask the question, that isn't what they're asking, because anybody who looks at us can see that. What they're thinking about when they ask that is something that's nobody's business but ours, thank you.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.
Other notes: I wish I could be around to see the expression on whoever receives your answer...

A Warrior's Dress by altilis Thor (Marvel), Loki/Sif (789 words)
Summary/preview: Sif is a woman and a warrior, and Loki reacts to both in different ways. Set before Thor gets Mjolnir and before Loki chops off all of Sif's hair.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.
Other notes: God, I love warrior women...

Domestic Bliss in Apartment 707 by dagas isa Nana, Nana Osaki/Nana Komatsu (906 words)
Summary/preview: Hachi is dolled up tonight, even by Hachi standards. She wears the dress you bought her for her birthday, pink with tiny white polka-dots all over. Personally, you would never wear it, too fussy, but Hachi looks right at home in it, especially accessorized with pearls, a white headband, and kitten heels. You can tell she feels beautiful, the way she preens with her head held high, and you love that warm smile she gives when she catches you staring.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Pride, Predjudice and Dowryless Avengers by KDHeart & Sarshi Avengers (movie), Iron Man (movie), Marvel Universe Pride & Prejudice, Pepper Potts/James "Rhodey" Rhodes (984 words)
Summary/preview: When Jane Foster arrives in Malibu Park and brings Darcy with her, the Avengers know that they're about to get married.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.
Other notes: This actually looks like it's supposed to be Chapter 1 of 61, but I couldn't find the other chapters. :( But this blurb is entertaining enough, and turns gender roles neatly on their heads.

Whole New World by Laylah .hack//G.U., Kuhn/Silabus (1,068 words)
Summary/preview: They walk to the Chaos Gate, arm in arm, because Kuhn makes it seem chivalrous enough that Silabus decides Miray wouldn't necessarily get upset. It's not like they'll be able to hold hands in a field with monsters, anyway, so he'd better enjoy it while it lasts.
Content notes: Non-con/dub-con (Kuhn isn't privy to all the details, and it's implied that he's straight; encounter goes no further than kissing), no other standard notes apply.
Other notes: Exploring genderfuckery in an online environment...interesting!

Secrets of an Adventuress by Carmarthen The Masqueraders -- Georgette Heyer, Letty Grayson/Robin Tremaine (1,197 words)
Summary/preview: After the events of the book, Letty reunites with her dear friend Kate. (By which I mean Robin and Letty like to play dress-up.)
Content notes: Dub-con (Letty makes assumptions about gender, but is not disappointed in what is revealed; everyone is happy throughout); no other standard notes apply.
Other notes: I need to read this book.

White Picket Fence by silentdescant Tommy Ratcliff (musician), Glam Rock RPF, Tommy Ratcliff/Unnamed male char (1,200 words)
Summary/preview: These thoughts are pink, in Joanieā€™s mind, and she closes her eyes again and lets them take over, swirling around her in different shades and hues, from white to deep red.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.
Other notes: The sense of longing and ultimate tenderness in this is lovely.

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