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Summary/preview: Screencaps from the pissing scene in Shogun.
Content notes: Non-con, with a side of torture. No other standard notes apply.

Blackthorne and his crew have been taken captive by Lord Yabu. Today, Yabu's nephew, Kasigi Omi, calls Blackthorne out to speak with him.

Note the big pot of water behind Omi.

Blackthorne angrily informs Omi that he is a lord in his native country.

Omi calmly informs Blackthorne (through the Jesuit priest that serves as interpreter) that he does not care if Blackthorne is a king where he comes from; here, he and his men live and die, at Lord Yabu's whim.

However, if Blackthorne will behave, he and his men will not be harmed. By 'behave', Omi explains, he means 'obey, unconditionally'.

Blackthorne tells the priest to relate that he pisses on Omi, his country, and on Lord Yabu.

The priest thinks that is a really bad idea.

But, he does it anyway.

In response, Omi orders one of Blackthorne's crew to be brought up out of the prison.

This is where that giant pot of water comes in. It is a giant pot of boiling water. One of Blackthorne's crew has already been boiled to death in it. Omi's men put the newest victim into a net, and lower him into the boiling water, feet first.

Omi asks him if he is ready to behave. Blackthorne says that he is.

Omi orders Blackthorne to lie down.

Omi then informs Blackthorne that he is going to teach him some manners.

Now Blackthorne is beginning to think that this was a really bad idea.

Omi readies himself...

...and pisses all over Blackthorne. And, presumably, England, and Queen Elizabeth.

Blackthorne's reaction goes from surprised... outraged... utterly humiliated.

(Also, if you peer really closely, you can see a few stray droplets of urine spray misting over Blackthorne's shoulder.)

The priest turns away in embarrassment. It is interesting to note that he has watched a guy get boiled to unconsciousness pretty much without batting an eye, but as soon as someone whips themselves out and starts peeing on somebody, he is shaken to his very core.

More reaction shots.

Let's get a closeup of the piss-stain on Blackthorne's back.

They FINALLY take the crewman out of the pot of water, and let Blackthorne check on him. (He's still alive, FYI.)

Omi tells Blackthorne that, as long as he obeys, his men will not be harmed any further. He also informs Blackthorne that, since his name is too unwieldy for him to say, he will be named 'Anjin' (Pilot), instead.

Then, Anjin is led away to his new quarters, in Lord Yabu's service.


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