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Fandoms: Sanctuary, Avengers (Marvel), The Borgias (TV), Transformers Generation One, Merlin, Teen Wolf (TV), Scream, Thor (Marvel universe), Dragon Age, The Hobbit (movies)
Summary/preview: Ten stories featuring chastity devices, all under 2,500 words.
Content notes: Content notes will be provided for each story behind the cut.

The Great Pillow Wall Of China by windandthestars Sanctuary, Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman (604 words)
Summary/preview: It's what, upon Will's hard won admission, Henry had fondly dubbed 'The Great Pillow Wall of China'.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

The Fine Art Of Whining by altilis Avengers (Marvel), Tony Stark/Pepper Potts/Bruce Banner (756 words)
Summary/preview: the one where Pepper ruins Tony's Saturday morning and Bruce doesn't help at all.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

The Key by clare_de_lune The Borgias (TV), Giulia Farnese/Lucrezia Borgia (935 words)
Summary/preview: Giulia’s last acquisition leaves Lucrezia wondering. Odd and unusual indeed.
Content notes: One character has been tagged as underage by the author, no other standard notes apply.

Preventative Measures by Caius Transformers Generation One, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime/Cyclonus (1,121 words)
Summary/preview: And now Rodimus couldn't get the damn thing off. None of his wrist-tools would pick the lock, and the strength of a Prime couldn't even bend the metal. What's more, touching it turned him on. Which had been delightful at first! A new erogenous zone to explore!
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Put A Ribbon On It by Sophinisba Merlin, Morgana/Gwen (1,315 words)
Summary/preview: Morgana used to hate the way men looked at Gwen.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Lesson Learned by paradis Teen Wolf (TV), Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski (1,342 words)
Summary/preview: Stiles doesn't beg anymore. He takes Derek's fucking, he sucks him energetically. He sinks back into it and just enjoys the feeling of Derek's cock inside him, or Derek's hands running along his ribs, or across the span of his back. He whimpers and moans and relishes in the sparks vibrating up and down his spine.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Caged by Elwritesfanworks Scream, Dewey Riley/Gale Weathers (1,555 words)
Summary/preview: Gale Weathers is everything Dewey's ever wanted and so, so much more. And she's going to show him a whole new kind of loving.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Enclosure by Asidian Thor (Marvel universe), Loki/Sif with thoughts of Thor (1,919 words)
Summary/preview: Loki wears his punishment beneath his smallclothes, and for all his intelligence, all his cunning schemes, he has not the power to remove it.
Content notes: Tagged as non-con by the author; memories/mental imaginings of incest; no other standard notes apply.

Deft Hands by perryvic/Zaganthi Dragon Age, Alistair/Zevran Arainai (2,305 words)
Summary/preview: He just wanted to pitch his tent and sleep, sleep the sleepy sleep of someone who wasn't going to die covered by darkspawn in a cramped, humid, smoky cave, because the dwarves were master of many things except air circulation.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

The Last Straw by pherede The Hobbit (movies), Kili/Ori (2,324 words)
Summary/preview: The price of keeping his family's last asset safe; the cost of the most valuable thing left to Erebor's royal line.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.


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