Oct. 26th, 2013

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Or, why you can never have too many works about being totally immobilized.
Fandoms: Final Fantasy XII, Sherlock (TV), Avengers (Marvel)
Summary/preview: Works run from 700-2500 words.
Content notes: Notes will be provided beyond the cut.

Work 8 for my picture frame for Kink Bingo Round 6. )
josephine_marrs: Colin Morgan as Arkadi Tsheidse, in a black shirt and red vest, looking super hot. One of my favorite pics of him. (pic#6497421)
Preview/summary: Elizabeth Haverford gets dressed for a night at the opera.
Content notes: No standard notes apply.

Approximately 25 pictures beyond the cut. )
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Summary/Preview: Bessho Mondo is assaulted by a shower of urine. Looking up, he discovers that young Daigaro is relieving himself from the top of the hill above the path. When Ogami Itto refuses to apologize for his son's action, Mondo writes a formal request for a duel in his own blood.
Content notes: Non-con (one character is surprised by kink), dub-con (one character might be unwittingly used by another who has authority over him), underage (young child, frontal nudity, non-sexual context; child is in a dangerous situation/threatened, though no harm comes to him), no other standard notes apply.

Approximately 20 pictures behind the cut. )
josephine_marrs: Merlin peeking around an ivy-covered something. (pic#6262690)
Preview/summary:The weight of it bowed his head downward and shoved his muzzle into the water. The river seemed to rear up around him, and then he was engulfed.
Content notes:Non-con, naturalistic animal violence, RIP baby wildebeest; no other standard notes apply.

Work 11 for my picture frame for Kink Bingo Round 6. )


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