Oct. 15th, 2015


Oct. 15th, 2015 03:15 pm
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Hey there. Thank you for coming here and reading! Please feel free to come and go as you please, with no strings attached.

Tags: With fanfiction, I will do my best to make sure that entries are tagged with the name of the fandom, the characters, and perhaps the pairings. Since much of my inspiration is coming from bingo games these days (such as Kink Bingo), I will also try to tag the entries with the kinks or prompts.

AO3: I have ported all the stories that didn't massively suck to AO3, so if you just want to skip the song and dance and get to the stuff I think is not totally appalling, click here.

Content notes: I will do my best to account for content that may be offensive or triggery, such as:
  • people under the age of 18 human years (or equivalent) in sexual or kinky situations
  • nonconsensual or dubiously consensual sex or kink
  • incest
  • self-harm or suicide
If you don't see content notes, then the story should not contain any of those sorts of situations.

Ratings: I am not going to put warnings for smut. I will tag entries with a PG tag if I feel that they are entries that are not overtly sexual. That way, folks who don't feel like reading smut will have a handy tag to click on for things to read. Please don't read anything more into 'PG' than that. Some PG entries will have language in them, or deal with themes that aren't necessarily kiddie stuff. I'm not interested in trying to police or account for every possible sort of content; basically, you can assume that entries are either intended to be smutty, or not, and go from there.

Feedback: When I leave feedback for people, I admit that I tend to be in the asspats-and-cuddles variety. I really am a huge believer in constructive criticism, but I always feel weird about critiquing someone's writing, if they haven't specifically requested it of me, or if it's my first time ever interacting with them. That being said, if I compliment your writing, I genuinely mean it.

As far as receiving feedback goes, I will do my best to take any comments into consideration. I do want to become a better writer. So, please, if you are moved to do so, critique away. Asspats and cuddles, however, will always be gladly accepted. ;)

Transformative works policy: Please feel free to play with my stuff and create pretty things from it. All I ask is that your work be non-commercial in nature, that you give me credit, and that you give me a link to your finished project so I can see how creative you are. :)


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