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Fandoms: X-men: First Class, Mulan, Merlin, Girls Like Me (Summertime) by Coyote Grace (song), Thor (Marvel), Nana, Avengers (movie), Iron Man (movie), Marvel Universe Pride & Prejudice, .hack//G.U., The Masqueraders -- Georgette Heyer, Tommy Ratcliffe (musician), Glam Rock RPF
Summary/preview: Ten stories about gender play/roles, each 1,200 words or less.
Content notes: Notes will be provided for each story behind the cut.

Work 12 for my picture frame for Kink Bingo Round 6. )
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summary/preview: There was one time, though, that Morgana tells her that she was strong -- not just that, but that she came to her rescue. The thought of it makes Gwen blush, but she has no regrets about that encounter. It is how their relationship moved beyond mere professional pleasantries, and became something much deeper.
content notes: technically dubcon (one character employs the other, but no threat is made to their employment if they do not cooperate), there is a situation where one character receives unwanted physical attention, no other content notes apply.

A single-line extra for Kink Bingo Round 6 )
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summary/preview: Arthur gets a tattoo that epitomizes him, whether he realizes it or not.
content notes: noncon/dubcon (one character is not privy to the entire details of the kink), no other content notes apply.


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