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Birthdate:Oct 15
Location:United States of America
I've just recently (as in May 2013) discovered the beauty of fanfics, and really enjoy having a go at them, myself. I've found that bingo games have been great for providing prompts and inspiration for such things.

I also toy every now and then with creating original characters and a world for them to have their adventures in, but that is very off-and-on.

Fandoms I enjoy writing in: Merlin, The Lion King. I also love Copper, but I don't think I can do it justice when writing.

Fandoms I love reading: All of the above, plus Supernatural, Pacific Rim, Avengers (esp. if it's got Steve and/or Thor in it), almost any sports RPF (including Olympic sports). Football RPF (especially Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, SF Forty Niners, or pretty much any college football), some military fic (if the focus is light on pew pew pew battles and heavy on...most anything else; I love reading about the Civil War and WWI). While I don't feel comfortable writing RPF, I am fine with reading it.

Fandoms I haven't read yet but would love to: Almost Human, Thieves' World (Shadowspawn is my faaaavorite).

I enjoy exploring various settings and AUs, both in reading and writing. I especially like sports, samurai/bushido, in space!, WWI, and any AU that revolves around blue-collar work, like fishing boats and such.

I love things like icons and art, mostly because I suck at making them myself! I also really suck at naming things, especially stories. I love doing and looking at picspams; they are so interesting at seeing how the person who compiled the screencaps is focusing on a certain theme or kink. Fan vids are something that I simply do not have the skill level or patience to do, so I'm rather in awe of those.

Kink Bingo 2013 Trophy Room:

A bunch of people are feasting and kissing in a decadent orgy scene; it is presided over by a person in a bear suit with their cock out. x 2

A person wearing a red and white leather corset and collar. x 8

A person wearing a pink latex dress that exposes their breasts.

A naked person selecting a paddle from a row of them on the wall. x 2 Vintage picture of a person wearing a horse costume. x 2

Amnesty Trophy Room:
(subject to mod confirmation of the achievements)

A naked person is painted and positioned to look like a jump rail; a second person is jumping a horse over them.

Interests (120):

19th century post mortem photographs, a good cry, abandoned buildings, always being behind on episodes, andrew vachss, anglo saxons, anglophilia, angst, anthropology, antiques roadshow (uk), asatru, barbarians, bdsm, bears, beer, belly laughs, blue collar, body acceptance, bondage, britain, bushido, catharsis, cats, ceramics, chivalry, clive barker, coffee, colin morgan, colors, constructive criticism, context, cooking, copper, culture, d/s, dark ages, dateline, deadliest catch, denmark, dirty jobs, doing a happy dance when i get comments, dolls, emotion, ephemera, europe, fantasy, feedback, feminism, food, football, gordon ramsey, goths, grumpy cat, guillermo del toro, having your shit together, hedonism, hellboy, horror, horses, hoyay, industrial, intelligence, investigation discovery, ireland, japan, kink, kink_bingo, kitchen nightmares (uk), kitsch, law & order, lil bub, little britain, lone wolf, masterchef (uk), merlin, middle ages, mike mignola, my own silly world, mythology, ncis, never having enough icons, pacific rim, picspams, poignancy, police procedurals, pottery, pretty things, punk, rough sex, rough trade, sadness, samurai, sarah waters, scandinavia, sensuality, service, sherlock, shiny!, silly gifs, squeeing in comments, svu, tea, techno, tenderness, the amazing screw-on head, the order of the good death, thieves' world, things that smell nice, thomas harris, thrift shops, top gear, toughness, trying to make sense out of gigantic plotholes, victorian porn, victoriana, vids, vikings, vintage things, watching true crime stuff and getting paranoid, writing
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