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summary/preview: There was one time, though, that Morgana tells her that she was strong -- not just that, but that she came to her rescue. The thought of it makes Gwen blush, but she has no regrets about that encounter. It is how their relationship moved beyond mere professional pleasantries, and became something much deeper.
content notes: technically dubcon (one character employs the other, but no threat is made to their employment if they do not cooperate), there is a situation where one character receives unwanted physical attention, no other content notes apply.

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KB 2013: 8

Jul. 29th, 2013 11:13 pm
josephine_marrs: A person is sitting in a leather armchair, wearing high heels and reading a book, using a second, mostly-naked person as (pic#6523054)
summary/preview: Getting a confession isn't always easy. Giving it is even harder. Inspired by the RL story of Christopher Tapp.
content notes: noncon, reference to character deaths, dead bodies, no other content notes apply.

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summary/preview: Arthur savors an after-dinner delicacy that he didn't expect.
content notes: non-con (one character cannot reasonably refuse the other's advances, though he does enjoy what happens), no other content notes apply.
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